Ethereum mining rig 220mh/s

$ 3,700.00
  • Manufacturer: Mineshop
  • Hash rate: 220MH/s
  • Availability: 2 In stock


The 220 MH/s Ethereum Mining Rig holds 8 AMD graphic cards, the RX 570. One of the most efficient mining rigs for Ethereum.


Hash Rate 220MH/s
Power Consumption 990w
Frame Aluminium stackable angle frame
Processor Celeron G3900
Motherboard Biostrar TB250+
GPUs 8x AMD MSI RX 570
RAM Memory Fury DDR4 8GB
Hard disk 120GB SSD
Cooling 4x1300rpm cooling fans
USB 8x usb pci Risers
Operating system ethOS
Setup Plug and play


Include 1200w platinium PSU

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