Fraud Awareness

Welcome to our Fraud Awareness page, or better said how NOT to try to steal from us. We have created this section to help, so called "Hackers", to save some of theier precious time.

Even if we are not on the market for so long we already had some hacking/scam attempts that until now, all failed. Below you can find all attempts up to date.

Scam/Hacking attempts

Stolen PayPal/card payment attempt.

We believe there is no online retailer who never had this problem. This one brought us the most of the problems because the fake payment attempts got our payment processor suspended and our PayPal account locked for 180 days. In response we can't accept card or PayPal and we will never do it again. No scammer got any equipment from us but the worst is that PayPal canceled the good purchases too and many good customers didn't got theier equipment. We want to say that we are very sorry for this but our customers must understand everything is outside our control.

MySQL injection

We had some of this too. Until now no unauthorized access was logged on our servers.

No payment order confirmation

Actually some of our users tried to confirm the orders without paying them. They used a trace back link from our payment processor to confirm the orders. Don't try again! It won't work.

A thief yelling 'You are a thief'

The imagination of some people go beyond the imaginable. We actually had some users contacting us and calling us thiefs and scams. There is no problem because this happen all the time to almost anyone. The problem is when they propose us to send equipment without payment for they to acknowledge that we are not scam. We have the most fair payment system on the market until date because no bitcoins are sent directly to us when someone buy our equipment. For anybody who understand the concept of escrow payments it will be crystal clear we are not a scam. Don't try this because we don't send equipment without payment confirmation from escrow no matter what you are calling us.

Advanced hacking techniques

We had our part of advanced hacking techniques. Small advice for the people who try to hack us: STOP. Even if someday you break into our servers there you will find nothing, just our customers partial details. Passwords are double encrypted using password and salt. Payments are not processed by us, we don't host bitcoin wallets.


We actually had some users blackmailing us. They threaten us with posting bad reviews about us on social media. If you spot this kind of review then please ask the poster for the order number and screenshot where it says the order was paid together with the order date. We will be very grateful. Thank you!

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